10 December 2014

General Theory of Distinctive Signs

This paper systematically delineates a general theory for all kinds of distinctive signs. For this purpose the author uses the partial studies developed by industrial property and other areas of law, on any special signs such as trademarks, geographical indications, quality seals, given names, commercial names, and others. Dr. Riofrío uses an inductive approach that includes laws, jurisprudence and doctrine of several countries. Regarding the structure, after an introduction, he determines a set of signs, the one that will be the universe to analyze (Chapter I), then he indicates eleven general principles of these signs (Chapter II), ending with a list of conclusions that has reached (Chapter III). Among other things, Dr. Riofrío concludes that it is possible to make a general theory that applies to all kinds of sign and that this theory greatly benefits the doctrinal clarification of the signs less regulated by law.

Teoría general de los signos distintivos.